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Archive Part I: 2000 – 2005

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Lecture Speaker Date
A Geological Surprise Dr Paul Davis 2001-01-19
Did The Earth Move For You? Dr David Brook, DETR 2001-02-09
The Geology of Anglo Saxon Churches Prof John Potter 2001-03-09
Across the Sahara in a Landrover Ann Fereday 2001-04-13
Magmatism and Mountain Building: Red Sea Gulf of Aden Prof M A Menzies, Royal Holloway College 2001-05-11
Evolution of the Hog's Back Structure Dr Tim Chapman, Murphy Petroleum Ltd 2001-06-08
Life and Death in the Chalk Sea Dr Ian Jarvis Kingston University 2001-09-14
Mediterranean Earthquakes: Past, Present, Future Dr Iain Stewart, Brunel University 2001-10-12
Volcanoes of the Bay of Naples Dr Tony Hall 2001-11-09
Vulcanology of Tenerife Roger Birch Colliers College, Horsham 2001-12-14
Fish Otoliths Dr A Rundle Natural History Museum 2002-01-11
Kaleidoscope of Colours Minerals under the Microscope Chris Jones Natural History Museum 2002-02-08
Lasers Lakes and Caves Dr David Mattey Royal Holloway College 2002-03-08
Mud Volcanoes Shale Diapers and Melanges Dr Tony Barber, Royal Holloway College 2002-04-12
Radioactive Waste Disposal Prof. J D Mather, Royal Holloway College 2002-05-10
A Field Trip to the Mantle Dr Hillary Downes, Birkbeck College 2002-06-14
Caen Stone Its History and Use Richard Butler, Consultant 2002-09-13
Amber A Window on the Past John Cooper, Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton 2002-10-11
The Reigate Stone Problem Paul Sowan 2002-11-08
Hunting the Shark Search for Medieval Building Stone David Bone, The Geological Association 2002-12-13
The sun our nearest star Dr John Linse, The Astronomical Assn 2003-01-10
Landfill and waste disposal Dr Richard Fox, Richard Fox & Associates 2003-02-14
Petroleum Geology of North Africa Prof Richard Moody, Kingston University 2003-03-07
Understanding the North Sea using 3-D seismic data Dr Chris Edlers, Royal Holloway College 2003-04-11
Introduction to microfossils Dr Adrian Rundle, Geological Society 2003-05-09
Meteorites, their origins & significance Kevin Attree, Surrey University 2003-06-13
Geophysics without equations Prof. Roy White, Birkbeck College 2003-09-12
Palaeoseismology of the 'Big bend' of the San Andreas fault Dr Derek Rust, Brunel University 2003-10-10
My 50 years in gemmology Dr Alan Jobbings 2003-11-04
The Granites of Cornwall Dr Tony Hall 2003-12-12
The anthropic cosmological principle John Price, Astronomical Assn. 2004-01-09
Failures in engineering geology Dr David Norbury CL Associates, Wokingham 2004-02-13
Into the abyss; oil resources for the 21st Century Prof Dorrik Stow University of Southampton 2004-03-12
Deep sea sediments: archive of climate change and plankton evolution Dr Michael Kucera Royal Holloway College 2004-04-09
Predicting sea-level changes Prof Michael Tooley University of Durham 2004-05-14
The East African rift: how to break a continent Prof Cindy Ebinger Royal Holloway College 2004-06-11
The Geology of British Vineyards Prof. Richard Selley Imperial College 2004-09-10
Geological aspects of the A 3 Hindhead scheme Andrew Davis Mott McDonald (Consultants) 2004-10-08
A view of geology through seismic data Dr Steve Toothill Farnham Geological Society 2004-11-12
20 Ma of disasters - do deep sea muds hold the key? Dr Ian Jarvis Kingston University 2004-12-10
Landslide & landslide dams in the Venetian pre-Alps Prof. Eddie Bromhead, Kingston University 2005-01-14
The RSPB Farnham Heath project Mike Coates Chief Warden, RSPB Surrey Heath 2005-02-11
Geology and wine in Southern France Dr Roger Suthren University of Derby 2005-03-11
William Smith, the father of English Geology John L Morton Author of 'Strata' 2005-04-08
Oil-bearing strata of Northern Libya Prof. Richard Moody Kingston University 2005-05-13
Early mining and extractive metallurgy Dr Paul Craddock British Museum, London 2005-06-10
Water supply with regard to Cretaceous strata John Atkinson Portsmouth Water Company 2005-09-09
Volcanoes and volcanic processes along the Izu-Bonin arc, Japan Dr Rex Taylor School of Ocean & Earth Sciences, Southampton 2005-10-14
Reconstructing Quaternary rivers Dr Christopher Green Royal Holloway College 2005-11-11
Active Faults and the tsunami threat in SE Asia Dr Chris Elders Royal Holloway College 2005-12-09