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Archive Part II: 2006 — 2010

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Lecture Speaker Date
Geological field trip to Malta John Williams, FGS & Nat. Hist. Museum 2006-01-13
Geology of the Weald John Gahan Farnham Geological Society 2006-02-10
William Buckland 1st Professor of Geology Dr Chris Duffin Streatham & Clapham High School 2006-03-10
Dating Surrey's ancient buildings through dendrochronology Dr Rod Wild 2006-04-14
The amazing all new Wealden dinosaurs Darren Naish School of Earth Sciences, University of Portsmouth 2006-05-12
Really remote sensing unveiling the Geology of Titan Dr Richard Ghail Imperial Colloge 2006-06-09
Pioneer Geologists 1600 to 1900 John Gahan Farnham Geological Society 2006-09-08
Contemporary inspirational Geologists John Gahan Farnham Geological Society 2006-10-13
Why is the moon so big? Dr David Waltham, Royal Holloway College 2006-11-10
Comets, their impacts on Geology John Price FGS and The Farnham Astronomical Society 2006-12-08
Geothermal exploration in East African Rift Valley Dr George Darling, BGS 2007-01-12
Boring Old Granites Prof. John Clemens Kingston University 2007-02-09
Trilobites Prof. Richard Fortey Natural History Museum 2007-03-09
Taking the pulse of a dynamic Earth through thermochronology Dr Geoff Batt Royal Holloway College 2007-04-13
A Field Trip to the Mantle Dr Hilary Downes Birkbeck College 2007-05-11
Richard Owen and fossil vertebrates Dr Chris Duffin Streatham & Clapham High School 2007-06-08
Geological highlights of New Zealand Janet Catchpole Member FGS 2007-07-13
Global warming or just hot air? John Gahan Farnham Geological Society 2007-09-14
Gold giants of the Great Silk Road Dr Reimer Seltmann Natural History Museum 2007-10-12
From mud wrestling to metamorphism Dr Steve Hirons Birkbeck College 2007-11-09
Making gold - nuclear alchemy Dr Padddy Regan University of Surrey 2007-12-14
New Zealand on the edge Liz Ashton, Member FGS 2008-01-11
Tectonic evolution of Zagros mountains in Iran Dr John Cosgrove Imperial College 2008-02-08
The Crato fossil beds of Brazil Dr Dave Martill Portsmouth University 2008-03-14
Geology of the deep water areas around Borneo Dr T Chapman 2008-04-11
Graptolites Dr Dennis Bates 2008-05-09
Geological perspective of waste management Brian Marker 2008-06-13
Geology of paintings Dr Ruth Siddall University College London 2008-09-12
Geology of London Diana Clements Natural History Museum 2008-10-10
Diamonds through time Andrew Fleet Natural History Museum 2008-11-14
Charles Darwin - A Mercian Geologist Prof. Peter Worsley University of Reading 2008-12-12
London's building stones - a historical perspective John Williams, Member FGS 2009-01-09
Flint Diana Smith Open University 2009-02-13
Forensic geoscience - the role of geology in serious crime investigation Dr Duncan Pirrie Helford Geoscience LLP 2009-03-13
Low cost volcano monitoring Dr Hazel Rymer Open University 2009-04-17
The science of Polonium-210 Dr Paddy Regan University of Surrey 2009-05-08
Perils of science journalism Dr Alun Lewis Royal Holloway College 2009-06-12
Shear and seismicity in Sulawesi and Seram Dr Ian Watkinson Royal Holloway College 2009-09-11
Reading's brick making & chalk mining hazards James Ford Consultant 2009-10-09
Ice age England Dr Julian Murton University of Sussex 2009-11-13
The Star of Bethlehem Dr Paul Olver Consultant 2009-12-11
Antarctica Janet Catchpole, Member FGS 2010-01-08
Mega-floods, lakes, and climate change on Mars? Dr Nick Walker Imperial College 2010-02-12
The Palaeontological Association Baldwin Lecture — Carboniferous Coal Forests Dr Howard Falcon-Lang Royal Holloway College 2010-03-19
The Santorini Supervolcano Dr Fred Witham Bristol University 2010-04-09
Antarctica Janet Catchpole Member FGS 2010-05-14
Geology of Theron Mountains, Antarctica Dr Donny Hutton Consultant 2010-06-11
Quaternary climate change and fossil mammals: evolution, environment and extinction Dr Danielle Schreve, Royal Holloway 2010-06-26
Late Silurian and early Devonian climates as revealed by the Old Red Sandstone of South Wales Prof. Susan Marriot, Univ. of Bedfordshire 2010-06-26
Was the Cretaceous greenhouse world always so warm? Prof. Malcolm Hart, Univ. of Plymouth 2010-06-26
Geology and the N Wales narrow gauge railways Alan Witts - Member FGS 2010-07-09
Nodules amongst other things! Edward Finch - Member FGS 2010-07-09
Geology of SE Asia and Thailand Dr Michael Ridd Consultant 2010-09-10
30 years of mineral collecting John Pearce Sussex Mineral & Lapidary Society 2010-10-08
Can we clone a mammoth? Dr Danielle Schreve Royal Holloway College 2010-11-12
Diversity in stone: Regional geology and links to building style Dr Lesley Dunlop University of Northumbria 2010-12-10