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Archive Part IV: 2016 — 2020

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Lecture Speaker Date
Argentina Odessey Liz Aston, Sally Pritchard, Janet Catchpole 2020-01-10
A Volcanic Valentine's Day, the Eruption of Santori Dr Martin Genge 2020-02-14
Climate archives of caves and stalagmites Dr Dave Mattey RHUL 2020-06-19
50th Anniversary Celebration with the FGS Rocks and Minerals Collection, the photographic competion and a Talk on the History of FGS FGS and Peter Luckham 2020-07-10
Extremophiles: Guiding the search for extraterrestrial life Marina Barcenilla University of Westminster 2020-09-18
Mass Accumulations of Chalk Ophiuroids in Lewes Dr Tim Ewin NHM 2020-10-09
The smallest things can make a Big Difference Dr Liam Gallaher Consultant 2020-11-20
Tongan Pumice Raft Dr Isobel Yeo NOC Southampton 2020-12-11
Field trip memories Members FGS 2016-01-15
Early history of geological maps in UK John Henry Consultant 2016-02-12
Australia South East Asia collision, the Wallace Line and Wallacea Dr Robert Hall Royal Holloway College 2016-03-18
Sinkholes, geology and people in South East England Dr Phillip Collins Brunel University 2016-04-08
Wealden petroleum exploration past, present and prospective Dr Richard Selley Imperial College 2016-05-13
Milling and sharpening Investigations in archaeoeconomic geology Chris Green Consultant 2016-06-10
History of water on Earth Prof Chris Ballentine Oxford University 2016-09-09
Meteorites & Asteroids Dr Hillary Downes Birkbeck College 2016-10-07
Ediacaran fossils Dr Alex Liu Bristol University 2016-11-11
Nuclear waste disposal Dr John Cosgrove Imperial College 2016-12-09
Geology and Tunnelling John Greenwood FGS 2017-01-13
Lapis Lazuli Dr Chris Duffin Natural History Museum 2017-02-10
It was not my Fault! Dr David Walmsey Consultant 2017-03-17
Evidence for Early Human Activities from Pleistocene River Terraces Dr David Bridgeland Durham University 2017-04-21
Venus Geology Dr Richard Ghail Imperial College 2017-05-12
Provenance the Search for a Source Dr Haydon Bailey Consultant 2017-06-09
Building Stones of Farnham Walk Dr Diana Smith Open University 2017-07-14
Geological Evolution of the Wandle from Source to Mouth Dr David Gill Wandle Trust 2017-09-08
Introduction to Microfossils Adrian Rundle Natural History Museum 2017-10-03
The Biggest Volcano in the World Dr Julie Prytulak Imperial College 2017-11-10
Antimony critical metal mineral deposits South West England. Humphrey Knight CRU International 2017-12-08
Quarrying The Magnetism of Geology Dr J Williams FGS, Dr G Williams FGS 2018-01-12
Danger & Beauty of Explosive Volcanoes Dr Chris Duffin Natural History Museum 2016-02-09
The Beringer Fossil Fraud Dr Paul Taylor Natural History Museum 2018-03-16
The Evolution of Land Plants Dr Paul Kenrick Natural History Museum 2018-04-20
Earthquakes and Active Faults in Central Italy Dr Zoe Mildon University College, London 2018-05-18
Space Research on Surrey Hills Dr Graziella Branduardi-Raymont University College, London 2018-06-08
Influence of Geology on Transport Routes around Farnham John Lonergan Consultant 2018-07-13
Life and Landscape during the formation of the Palaeocene lava fields of the Hebridean Igneous Province Dr Ian Williamson Consultant 2018-09-21
How to weigh a Dinosaur Dr Susannah Maidmont University of Brighton 2018-10-12
Geological snapshot of the Greek islands Liz Aston Member FGS 2018-11-09
Jungle Volcano Professor Chris Jackson Imperial College, London 2018-12-14
Where on Earth? Michael Hollington Member FGS 2019-01-11
Women in Geology Dr Chris Duffin Consultant 2019-02-08
Gemstones Dr Kathy Chappell Fairtrade Gemstones 2019-03-15
Economic geology of the Weald Basin Dr Richard Seaborne Consultant 2019-04-05
Wind Farms as Renewable Energy Dr David Shilston Atkins 2019-05-24
Does size really matter?...a discussion of scale in aeolian systems Dr Oliver Wakefield BGS 2019-06-14
Building stones of Guildford Note: a Field Trip Meeting John Williams Member FGS 2019-07-12
Exploration of Pluto Dr Kevin Pretorius Consultant 2019-09-20
Meteorite impact in Skye Dr Simon Drake & Dr Andy Beard 2019-10-11
The Black Country Powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution Dr Colin Knipe Consultant 2019-11-08
The Cretaceous world living in a greenhouse Dr Andy Gale Portsmouth University 2019-12-13